Sunday, 29 November 2009


Oh this has been such a bad weekend....firstly with my day all planned out on Friday the first thing on my list was to buy ink for the printer and petrol for the car which was nearly on red!!! I set off only to get half way there as I was hit by an articulated lorry.... went right into the side of me spun me round into the line of the oncoming traffic...reeeeallly scary, I am ok just a bit shaken up, but the car is not so good....can it get any worse...oh yes it can...

After I had tried to calm down a bit I tried to get onto my website...only to be faced with my site not being was eventually sorted out...problems with the host company, so apologies if any of you wondered where I had gone.

As you can imagine I was pretty frazzled by this time...but had to laugh in between the crying as I called to tell my mum and dad about the accident she checked I was all ok told me to have a nice bath and asked quite innocently what type of truck it was that hit response was I don't know but it was big....mum's response was 'no what was written on the side of it', trying to hold it together I replied Anchor Butter, thinking what does that matter, 'I am never buying that again' was her response.

I couldn't not laugh!!!

bye for now

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  1. Hi Elizabeth - I hope you are fully recovered now and back into the swing of things.
    Kristin :)