Sunday, 26 April 2009

Commission....& More

A commission set... 'Emma' earrings and a long tassel pendant with cluster of keshi pearls and flashy labradorite....I love this pendant, my favourite look at the moment.

I have also had time to make 'Auorora' a bracelet with beautiful artisan made borosilicate glass beads combined with brushed silver beads, these beads are gorgeous and have a stunning range of colours encapsulated inside.......and the lovely 'Gossamer Earrings, Artisan made silver lined cubes sit beneath a cluster of shimmering Apatite, Moonstone, Blue Topaz and Amethyst gemstones.....delicious.

I recently had a request for some felted earrings, this is the outcome.....'Little Sprouts' & 'Glace', handmade merino wool felted beads, in a wide variety of colours hang from sterling silver earwires and come in their own handmade muslin bag.


  1. Gorgeous! i too love the laboradite pendant, very beautiful.

  2. I really admire your work!! Unique pieces!! It's amazing!!

  3. Those cube earrings are outstanding - love the colour combination too!
    Kristin :)

  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments