Sunday, 17 October 2010

17th October

Things have been ever so slightly manic the last couple of weeks, first of all preparing for the Not On The High Street Winter Gift Guide to come out, my Location Location Location cufflinks are in it and I have to say that I love the photograph they have used....the response so far has been wonderful, far exceeding my expectiation :() hopefully my preparations will pay off, you can check out the gift guide here.

I have also been desperately trying to find some time to put my new girls necklaces and bracelets on the site...yeah they are finally there, this range came about when a friend asked if I could make her necklaces and bracelets for her neices who were to be flower girls, she had in mind something that reminded here of the daisy chain necklaces she made as a child.

This is what I came up with a gorgeous little trail of flowers all different and soooo sweet, the girls adored them and I have to say I do too, a couple of the ladies at the wedding have requested them in adult sizes, so they are available too, why should the kids get all the sweet stuff!!

There are also some additons on the website for ladies, firstly we have 'Bolle' gorgeous artisan made hand blown glass beads complimented with darkened silver, this will soon be available in a bracelet as well.

There are also two beautiful charm bracelet....perfect for gifts, go on give him a hint....after all it is not long to Christmas!!!


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