Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oh sore fingers!!!

The sore fingers have been a result of some intensive wire wapping this week, I have been working on some new designs, some have worked some not quite as expected, here are some of the results, first of all is 'Semeru' lovely hand woven sterling silver ellipse hoops in either shiny silver or oxidised version.
'Talicia' are beautiful hand woven earrings in a different shape this time and with the additon of gorgeous Peridot & Carnelian......I love these.
The next two pairs are just a pretty but a bit easier on the fingers to make, lovely little goldfill hearts hang from gently curving earwires, these are available in either the polished version or a random bubble version.....these are great to wear & light as a feather.........
The tutorial used in the design of the woven hoop earrings was designed by the lovely Lotta Knutar...Thanks

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