Sunday, 10 May 2009

Old & New

Hi everyone,
I have had a great time this week making up some new designs and some that are a variation of loved we go....first off is 'Suomi' which is Finnish for Finland...couldn't be a better name really for this simple necklace with 5 round spectrolite stones, but what stones...these are beautiful, wonderful depth and flashes...
'Merna'...This is a variation of my much requested 'Theda' earrings, these are so versatile and light to wear, this pair was designed with Apatite gemstones on goldfill hoops, but these can be made with most gemstone, contact me if you are interested in a pair just for you....'Merna' is available on my website now.

'Caspian' is a stunning Labradorite pendant with wonderful blue fire flashes, hand wirewrapped in sterling silver and complimented with a cluster of charms, Blue Obsidian, sterling silver and freshwater pearl...


  1. mmmm Elizabeth, I love all of these. That Labradorite is simply gorgeous!!!!

  2. Thanks very much, I love labradorite.... was tempted to keep this one♥