Monday, 9 February 2009

Lots of new stuff



With the snowy weather as I said in my last post what else can you do but make jewellery. Here is some of the results, hope you enjoy them they are all available on my website at the moment.

We have Sphere, Posy, lovely Theda and Chloe. I have also been working on some silver jewellery just as a preparation before I go on my silversmithing course, I am looking forward to this so much, hopefully this will let me combine the lampwork course I went on last year with what I learn on this course, thats the idea anyway so fingers crossed, will post a picture of my first pendant later.

I also picked up these delicious vintage lucite grey beads in a wonderful misty grey, combined them with silver and oxidised them, I love how this one looks and it is light as a feather!!

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