Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I've been tagged!!!

Thanks to Barbara at Wildberry Jewellery for tagging me.

The 'tagging' rules are as follows:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Just need to think of 7 facts now!!!!!

1.I am originally from Scotland, I now live in a village just outside Halifax, I am married have, 1 son & 1 daughter and a cat called Heidi.

2.I hate butterflies, they frighten the life out of me!!!!! weird I know.

3.I hate ironing!!!!need I say any more.

4.I have been taking lampwork lessons from the wonderful Mike Pool at Tillerman Beads, what a great teacher, hopefully I will be able set up a small studio next year and try to make some beads, it is so addictive, I am hooked already.

5.Flew over Angel Falls in an 8 seater plane a couple of years ago, soooo scary but what an amazing experience.

6.I love going for walks in the rain.!!

7.My wardrobe is all arranged by colour OH thinks this is really weird, which it probably is, just can't bring myself to put the blues with the whites etc.NOoooooooo.

Well I have probably made myself look totally neurotic & weird or just boring now.
Here is my tag list sorry if I have tagged someone that has already been done.

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  1. Fascinating posting and thank you for passing it on. I have a friend who's afraid of butterflies as well. She even posted about it and if you're interested you can visit that posting here:
    All the best ~ Sharon

  2. How about moths? I'm petrified of butterflies, and moths and daddy long legs, and birds in the house .... but moths are the worst!